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Welcome to Episode 19

Today's meditation focuses on a very special topic- Self Love!

Self love is a huge conversation and often brings up a lot of emotion for many people.

So I really want to clarify what I mean when I speak about Self Love and help guide you towards this special space that exisits within each of us.

 When I speak of SELF LOVE I do not necessarily mean, loving yourself, when I mention self love I mean that the Essence of who you are and what makes up your self is LOVE. Self love is the opposite state to Ego. Where as Ego represents your fears and insecurities and comes from your mind,  self love defines your authentic self which resides in the wisdom of your heart.

So self love is about connecting to this warm and nurturing space within and when you feel connected to this powerful source of energy you feel calm, centred, balanced and empowered. This connection helps you move past the voice of self doubt and stress and takes you into your heart which will instantly relax your body, calm your mind and ignite your true essence and empowered self. 

I trust you will enjoy today's special self love meditation. 

Lots of love,


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